This conference will be held in Quanzhou,China. Quanzhou Institute of Equipment Manufacturing, Haixi Institutes, Chinese Academy of Sciences will host this conference.

Quanzhou, a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Fujian province, is located in the southeast coast of Fujian province. It is the first east Asian cultural capital in the country. The only starting point of the maritime silk road recognized by UNESCO is the maritime silk road leading area in the 21st century that is included in the national " the belt and road initiative" strategy.

Quanzhou was first developed in Zhou, Qin and Han dynasties. It was one of the four largest ports in the world during the Tang dynasty. It was praised as the city of light by Marco polo and was the largest port in the east during the Song and Yuan dynasties.  Quanzhou has long been called the world religious museum, and UNESCO has designated Quanzhou as the world's first " world multicultural exhibition center".

Quanzhou's traditional industries are firmly rooted and its economic development is progressing steadily.  By 2017, Quanzhou's GDP had been the top of the Fujian province for 19 consecutive years. Textile footwear, petrochemicals, machinery and equipment, and building materials were the four leading industries in Quanzhou, contributing more than 70 % of Quanzhou's GDP, forming a five hundred billion industrial clusters of textile clothing, footwear, petrochemicals, machinery and equipment, and building materials, which together built Quanzhou's economic aircraft carrier, making Quanzhou a major manufacturing city.